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Critique my Attorney General Letter
Sending this to a CA that has twice failed to provide me any sufficient proof that their alleged debt is mine:

13xx Avondalee Rd
Nowhere, OH 44xxx

June 2, 2008

Consumer Complaints
Attorney General’s Office
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

Re: Credit Collection Services

Dear Attorney General’s Office

I am writing to you today to file a formal complaint with request for mediation against the following company:

Credit Collection Services
2 Wells Ave Dept 9134
Newton, MA 02459

On or around May 5, 2008 I found a trade line item being reported by CSC (Credit Collection Services) which I had no knowledge of.

I subsequently sent a certified letter (return receipt requested) to them asking them to validate this alleged debt they say I owe them. They received this letter on May 14, 2008.

I received a reply from them dated May 15, 2008, yet they did not validate or provide any evidence regarding alleged debt.

I sent a second certified letter (return receipt requested) asking again for CSC to provide proof of alleged debt. This time I outlined specific items which I would require to validate the alleged debt.

I received another reply from them dated May 29, 2008 once again providing no evidence of alleged debt. CSC also asked me to provide them with documentation regarding alleged debt which I obviously do not have any knowledge of which is why I contacted them to provide full validation in the first place. If they had any evidence of the alleged debt why have they not provided it at this point?

I have sent them one final letter giving them one last opportunity to provide the information I have asked for now a total of 3 times. In this letter I stated if they cannot provide full validation then I expect them to delete record of this trade line with all credit reporting bureaus and provide me with a letter stating they will do so.

I have attached a copy of all correspondence with CSC regarding this matter for your review. At this point I am trying to resolve this amicably however their continued disregard for the federal law is causing me continued financial stress and burden. If this cannot be resolved I have informed CSC I intend to follow through with a suit against them for the blatant disregard of this matter.

It is my hope that your office can help me achieve resolution to this very important matter



What do you all think?