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Re: Should I pay off my charge-off accounts?
If I were you, here's what I would do.
What ever debts are still with OC' them!  Tell them you want to pay them in FULL, but would also like a "favor" from them. (never demand or get ugly, they don't have to help you)  Ask that if once you begin regular payments, once you get to the halfway point, would they remove the negative comments??  Let them know that you fully understand that if you default under these terms...all negatives come back.  That will give them incentive to make the deal with you & lats them know that YOU have the incentive NOT to default.
It's a win-win.
Call the ones that had sent your balance off to collections...see if they'll take the payments directly from you & get the CA out of the picture.  Make them the same offer as the others, but maybe they remove the negs somewhere between 50 & 75 % pif.  That will be worth their contacting ca's & dropping them.
It's best to barter with all these people while you owe them money....not after you've pif!  Ask me how I know...Smiley Mad  Your cash is your bartering tool!

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