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Assistance with old apartment debt
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Good morning:  asking for assistance with an apartment and saw you provided help in the past.  In March 2007, I was asked by my apt to move because I had been behind on occasion after reduction in pay then reductions in staff (i.e. I was laid off)  March and April rent (totaling over $2K) is now on my CR with Allied Collection Services (4230 LBJ Freeway # 407, Dallas, TX 75224.  SInce the move, I've been renting a room with a friend, working 2 part time jobs to pay off CC debt (about 65% gone) and thought yesterday was a good time to try to rent a place on my own. 


The rental agent said I wasn't approved because of the collection at the old apartment.  She suggested I pay the debt, get paid in full letter to all 3 bureaus so they can update, then send a copy of the PIF letter to her management company and all would be well.  My anticipated move in date was 08/15 but there's no way I can come up with over $2K that quickly. Any guidance for what to ask for from the collection agency, what terms I should use, what I should say would be appreciated. 


Thank you again. 


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