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Re: Is the situation that BAD - No reponses - Help!!

tiff wrote:
The date closed is listed as "not reported."  This account was settled for 10,000+ dollars...4000+ less than the total amount due.  The collection agency handling the collection promised to delete.  They were double reporting and I didn;t relaize it.  They deleted their entry but not BMW financial.  I know...they had no legal right to delete BMW's entry.  I've gotten over that. 

If they promised to delete, and you have it in writing, then I'd send a copy to the CA along with a GW kindly reminding them of that. If you don't have it in writing, I'd probably start with the GW before the DV.

tiff wrote:
correct me if I'm wrong...this account appears to have never been updated.  The balance is not 36,000 dollars.  Also the status on EQ said Bad/Debt Chargeoff.  A closed date is not being reported.

The "largest past due balance" is just that, the largest amount that was due. Even if that figure was wrong, it doesn't have any bearing on the account or your score. Also on EQ, if you have the account to change to "settled collection" or "paid for less than due" or even  "paid in full", the damage would be the same. Closed date doesn't matter.