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Re: Is the situation that BAD - No reponses - Help!!
This acct looks to be reporting correctly. It was CLOSED in 2004, but not pad off until after the closed date in 2006. " This account does not appear to be says "not reported"

What do you think is wrong with it?   The status info is all wrong...if I was looking at this for the 1st time I would think that I this person left BMW hanging with a $36000 debt...never paid.  This is not the was paid.  They never updated it.
I saw on another one you said you will sue, on what grounds? Inaccurate reporting for the past two years and fradulent collection practices  The company that acted in their behalf acted fradulently when collecting the debt.
Did they agree to erase if you made payment?  the collection agency promised to delete if payment was paid...not the original creditor.  The problem is I had every intention on payign in full until the CA offered a settlement in exchange for the delete.  I lost my leverage in ensuring that it was deleted when my loan officer sent the payment directly to the CA.