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Re: Is the situation that BAD - No reponses - Help!!

tiff wrote:
I thanks all of you for your responses, but I'm still clueless as to what I can do.  This is not a is reported via the OC.  I have GW'd them over and over again and they have repeatedly told me no! 
When I call...they won't even return my calls.  Hang up and they again...they won't connect me with anyone else.  I get the same jerk,.  It's the same storyline over and over again.
From all the reponses I've seen...I basically have to live with this?

I misread your post. I thought it was a CA. Ignore the DV advice.
All you can do is GW them. If they tell you "no", then send another and another and another and another. Vary your addresses if possible. Find specific contact persons within the company (VP, Pres., etc.). Never give up. Keep calling too. All you need it one to say yes to delete.