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transunion score dropped 597 points in 1 month~PLEASE HELP!
In january I had a credit score at TU..of 597..I had really no credit posted to it - I am disabled and havent applied for any credit in yrs...but I did have one inquiry removed--and had a neg. collection of $161 that was over ten yrs old removed along with an old cable bill , also a neg collection..but once TU removed those items my score plumeted 597 points???? How can that be?
         I called TU and they cannot even tell me what happened or what they removed, I already knew thru my monthly credit watch ... but they did not know how it happened and say nothing can be done...
My husband and I were tright in the middle of searching for mortgage loans..we applied to one..and still with my 597 score and my other scores we had a fico of 662 (good enough for our area along with equity in 14 acres we own) but when we went to another bank to see what they said my score was a ZERO!
How in the world do I come back from this???