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Sent GW now CR says consumer disputes
So I sent a GW letter to Countrywide  on some old lates and then some lates form 18 months ago differed from my record because I thought I only had one and they said I had four. Is this why it says consumer disputes because I wasn't really disputing just looking for some GW I hope I didn't screw this up. Antbody ever have any luck with GW and a mortgage company?
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Re: Sent GW now CR says consumer disputes
The same thing happened to me - anybody out there know if it looks bad if your CR says "consumer disputes"???
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Re: Sent GW now CR says consumer disputes
I think if you are saying you have blank number of lates (even in a goodwill letter), and it is different than the number they are technically "disputing". For their legal safety they put that. I *don't* think it hurts to have that on your will be taken off as soon as they have finished investigation it.....
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Re: Sent GW now CR says consumer disputes
I have one and its because they came back verified that it was mine.. it was from a verizon wireless charges that I didnt authorize.. I fought it they wouldnt take it off my bill so I canceled my servce and they sent me to collections. I disputed it throught the CRAs way back when it first appread and the CRA put in the messgaes at the bottom that I dispute the act for unauthorized charges.... its still there but now I know about DOFD stuff and I know it was at least 6-7 years so I DV'd them no answer yet. I will pay anything that I owe but I will not PAY for charges that I didnt do!
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