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Re: GW group!
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Franklin – Transunion - from 09/01 for $149 (unpaid)

Security Check –   Experian & Equifax - from 09/01 for $58 (paid)

Smith Rouchin – Transunion & Equifax - from 4/04 for $198 (paid)

CBCS - Reported on all 3 bureaus - from 4/04 for $323 (paid)


I just started GW's for these in April. CBCS deleted with the first letter within the same week that I sent it.  I tried PFD for half with Franklin Collections but they didn't respond, so I followed up with an "obsolete" dispute with TU and TU removed. Smith Rouchin deleted after 2nd letter, and Security Check deleted after 2nd letter.

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