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Re: PFD or DV? Help Please!

texasoklahoma wrote:
HappyDays, thanks for the info.
The date to fall off my cr is 11/2009,not 01/2009 like I said.
Since the CA is reporting, I DV them? Do I DV the OC as well?
What happens if neither can provide proof of the debt?
I will be sure and remember to send all things in writing and mail only with CMRRR.

You can not DV a OC. You would send a DV to the CA who is reporting. If the CA can not validate, they can not collect and must remove it from your reports.
Like another poster mentioned, you can contact the OC and ask them to remove the debt from the CA and allow you to pay them. However, since it is a phone bill and from 2002, I doubt a phone company will, they don't tend to keep records very long, at least not in thier computer systems. But worth a try.
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