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Collection Agency - New to Forums and need HELP!!!

I am new to the forums and have been reading as much as possible, but am more confused now than I was before!  I am sitting here in tears because I just don't know which way to turn, it is overwhelming.  The sad thing is all my issues are minor but I am so desperate to make the right decisions in cleaning up my credit in order to purchase a home.  To get straight to the point here is what I am working with:


My scores - EQ - 515; EX - 508; TU - 558

Hubby - EQ - 575; EX - 519; TU - 531


My Report:


1. Credit Card - limit $300 - high balance - $429 - Pay status - Current - No late pays - Closed by me 5/31/08

2. Collection Agency for Verizon Acct listed as Derog/Collection/charge off - amount $354 - I just called Collection Agency and paid the settlement of 50%, they said they couldn't take it off credit because of their policies but that they would mark it as settled in Full w/ a zero balance - was this a mistake? (this is what I'm crying about, I don't know if I made a mistake

3. 2 current car loans - one started June 2008 and one started November 2007 - both paid on time as agreed

4. 2 previous car loans - both listing late pays in 2007 but both were also paid off in 2007

5. Collection Agency for cable company - amount $150 - do I pay settlement or full amount? it is for 2006 but was reported again in April 2009

6. Collection Agency for Medical Lab - amount $81 - for 2006 but reported again in 2009 - just pay??

7. Collection Agency for Library - amount $125 - Opened in 2004 and last reported in 2004 - should I just leave it alone since it is 5yrs old or should I pay it?

8. Collection Agency for Medical - amount $50 - Opened in 2003 but reported last on July 2008 cause I disputed it - should I just pay?



My verizon account is listed three times, twice under installment accounts as Verizon and then as the Collection Agency, and then it is listed under Collection accounts.  Will all these reflect paid since they are all the same account just under different sections of the report?


This is my hubby's:


1. Open paypal account that is currently over the limit - planning on paying off within the next 3 wks, will this help score?

2. Same car loans accounts as listed on mine above.

3. 2 Collection agencies for credit cars - I paid both off in full in June this year, hopefully that will help his score

4. 2 Credit card charge offs - one high limit $434 the other $491 - balance is $0 though but both are listed as charge offs? - one is from 2005 but last reported 2007 and the other is from 2004 last reported in 2006- what do I do with these?

5. Another credit card charge off - amount $1122 - opened in 2004, last reported 2007 - what do I do?

6. Collection Agency for T-Mobile - amount $358 - it is with a law office - it is from 2003 but listing as opened in 2009 and last reported in 2009 - what do I do?

7. Bankruptcy that was discharged 11/2001


Sorry this was so long, I just wanted to make sure I put it all out there.  All advice given will be greatly appreciated!