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94 Point Increase - from April 16th to August 05
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So excited and wanted to share only b/c I know this process really can be challenging, depressing, and exhausing...


. I just pulled a Score Power Report to match up my accounts, etc. I gained another two points (no SW Alert however and settings were one point from current score)...EQ Fico


So from when i started this process on April 16th, I was at 548...since then I've gained 94 excited.

 now at 642...(I might be a Principal now, according to TNWM's post on score, for those of you that read that post)...


Summary of success or EQ only..

1. Auto charge off - not my fault, fought it and paid as agreed, closed auto loan

2. A few "baddies" fell off, it was their time to die, can't live forever...6 BAD TL's dropped...


OK, weekend is almost here. I think i need a break now....


Most of all, thanks to EVERYONE on this board for their helpful advice AND sharing personal experience. A lot of my success was based on the great advice I received from this forum...So thanks. It is working...:smileyvery-happy:


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Re: 94 Point Increase - from April 16th to August 05
Congrats Daisyduke - keep working at it.

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Re: 94 Point Increase - from April 16th to August 05
Great work, Daisyduke!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: 94 Point Increase - from April 16th to August 05
Awesome score jump!!!!!!!!  :smileyvery-happy:

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