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No information provided on CR?
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I just pulled all 3 reports and have this listing on my Equifax but not the other two. Can I dispute this with them purely because nothing is provided and I have no clue what this is or even that it's something that I owe? Although from what I understand of how to read these, I think it's paid... This is what is listed:
Status as of: April 2008
Date Opened: Not Reported
DOLA: Dec 2005
Date Closed: Not Reported
Account Number: Not Reported
Loan Type: Not Reported
Largest Past Balance: $242
Terms: Not Reported
Account Type: Open Account
Account Holder: Individual
Scheduled Payment Amount: $0
Account Status: Account is Open
This is a collections account... would it be in my favor to remove it? I don't really know what all this means or what it's for as it isn't listed anywhere else or any information provided on it!
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Re: No information provided on CR?
DV it. How the frak are you supposed to know whether a debt is legitimate when 80% of the data is missing?

It's their responsibility to accurately report, not yours to try and be Cleo the Psychic.
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Re: No information provided on CR?
Is the best way to DV that just through the automated thru the CRA? I can't exactly DV it with the reporting agency since I have no information on the account...
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Re: No information provided on CR?
You would DV the CA reporting it, if it is a CA. You may have to contact EQ directly to get more information on this account.