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Re: GW group!

Any luck with americredit if any will like to know thankyou


This was the last GW letter I sent to AmeriCredit. They have agreed to remove the negatives I asked for.


XXXXXX XXXXXXX, Executive Vice President

AmeriCredit Corporation

801 Cherry Street, Suite 3900

Fort Worth TX 76102




Dear Mr.. XXXXXX,


Thank you for taking a moment to read this.


I am writing to ask you and AmeriCredit for a good will adjustment on my account. My auto loan was paid in full in November of 2007. I had, during the earlier days of the loan, a few 30-day late payments. They were my fault, the result of poor financial planning and foresight. I have, over the past several years, put my shoulder to the stone and worked very hard to pay all my debts on time. This was also the case with my account with your company. I was very proud of my progress toward becoming a credit worthy individual again. I was very much looking forward to my last payment.


My heart sank when I got my final payment and it was nearly 5 times the normal payment. I called the customer service people and they explained how the late payments earlier in my payment history resulted in additional interest owed. The result was reflected in my final payment. I explained that the amount I was paying each month was all I could afford and asked if I might continue paying that amount each month until my debt was settled. It was agreed that that was acceptable and I paid the remaining balance over the next few months. As I paid off the remaining debt I accrued 30, 60, 90 and 120 day late reports on my trade line with AmeriCredit. I understand all of this is, technically, correct. Again, I am not disputing any of this.


Mr.. XXXXXX, I am humbly asking for your help. Would you be willing to look at my account and offer me the courtesy of removing the late pay reports, due to the pay off arrangement, from my trade line? I know it is a lot to ask and it probably falls outside your normal business practices. I wouldn't ask if I weren't desperate. Without your assistance, all the hard work I have out into rebuilding my credit is negated by one payment reporting 120 days late. I am still, to this day, working diligently to be a credit worthy individual. My credit reports from the last several years are a testament to my efforts. Any accommodation or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Very respectfully,





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Thanks again to all of you for your guidance and hope.





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