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Re: Fair Collections & Outsourcing

They are tough to deal with.


As a condition of my new lease, I had to pay off the amount I owed to FCO.  I know that the cardinal rule is not to pay without a promise of deletion, but it needed to be done in this case.  I got them to settle at about 50%, but after a bunch of goodwill letters it is becoming obvious that they will NEVER delete the paid tradeline; they always insist that to do so is not their standard policy and will only update as a paid collection, which as we all knows hurts FICO just as bad as an unpaid collection.


I started with a really low number ($1000 on $3700) and managed to get them down to approximately $1800 on my settlement.  Once again, I am not advising you negotiate anything similar, and most people here will tell you not to pay a dime unless you can get a PFD in writing, which is absolutely correct.  Just thought I would share my experience.