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Re: follow up on Medical collection

Do you have confirmation that the OC cashed your payment?  Cancelled check, or verification from the money order agency?  I had a medical collection that I HIPPAed, I paid with my personal check (I know you're not supposed to).  I waited until after the check with the endorsements to be deposited only into the account of hte OC cleared my bank.  I then checked my reports to see if they had been updated.  They weren't.  I then took a copy of the cancelled check and rewrote the HIPPA letter with tweeks indicating that as they (OC) had accepted my payment as evidenced by the copy of the enclosed cancelled check that they the CA was no longer entilted to my private medical records.


I then rehashed all the HIPPA regulations, etc, and the for the OC to remove my account from the CA with XXX days to prevent further escalation, etc, etc.  If you like I can private you the exact letter so you see what I mean.  The OC, without contacting me had the CA remove the med. collection from all 3 CRA reports.

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