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Re: My First PFDs

Please report how the Portfolio Recvry/Collect America settlement/PFD works out.  I attempted to settled with them after I discovered who they were.  After speaking with them, I typed and faxed a PFD to them with the terms agreement.  I then purchased a money order based upon the agreement.  After waiting a day and a half and  I had not received the signed letter back from them agreeing in writing to the terms.  I decided to call them.  I spoke with the CSR and manager (which I doubt was a real manager) and they denied agreeing to the amoutn which was 30% less than they reported.  Granted, I stated to them the call was recorded and I played the call back for them.  Again, they denied ever agreeing and requested payment in full.  They are still reporting and I have decided not to work with them, since they have proven t be untruthful and have decided to wait another year for the account to fall off.