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Re: Need Help - Where Do I Even Begin???

Hi Thinid,

Thanks for your advice on this!  I reached out to the management company and was told that they would be confirming that any/all eviction cases that were filed against me are dismissed.  She did say though that when they file an eviction it is a matter of public record and that neither the management company, nor the courts, report this information to the CRAs - that an outside company does.  ???  However, looking at my credit reports, the items show under the Public Records but are identified specifically as Judgments.  Anyway, I was told that they would making sure that any cases filed are dismissed thru the court and that I would be provided with a letter to submit to the CRAs and that is the most they can do. 


Will this resolve the issue or will I need to go ahead and contact the court?  I never received any kind of fat envelope from the county clerk.  Just the original papers that were served by a peace officer that said when to show at court.  After paying rent + fees prior to the court date, I was told by the complex that the case was dropped and that I no longer needed to show.  I guess I should have confirmed with the court at that time.  Late rent is only accepted via cashier's check or money order.  I paid via money order and don't know if I still have the little slip that showed what I paid b/c it's been so long ago...I'll have to request records from the complex.