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Re: My First PFDs

Okay, step 1 is complete.  I drafted my pre-hipaa letters for the 2 medical collections that are being reported to the CRAs.  I followed the instructions as far as the letters being handwritten on personal stationery in purple or teal ink.  I plan on sending them certified mail tomorrow and will wait the 35 days for correspondence.


On to step 2...I'm working on removing my most recent non-medical collection account from my report.  I just posted a question as to whether or not I should DV or PFD and will act accordingly based on the feedback. 


I already have in my head what step 3 will be...I'm sending a DV letter to Portfolio Recvry & Affil / Collect America because I haven't a clue what they are trying to collect on. 


Step 4 will be continuing the PFD process with the remaining collection accounts as dollars become available.


I have a LONG road ahead of me...