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GW Success! Collection Company of America

I wrote a short simple GW letter to Collection Company of America for a paid $165. med collection (bc I didn't follow whychat's process correctly) and IT WORKED!

Well, as far as EQ was concerned, it was removed. Got the updated myfico score today. I haven't gotten the hard confirmation letter yet.

Not sure when EX will update it.

I basically asked it to be removed because we were wanting to buy a house.  Seriously no more than 5 lines.

Which means we can move forward!


scared my husband half to death when I called him on the phone crying because I was so happy when I saw the score!

Starting Score: EQ 433 12/2008
Current Score: EQ 649EX (LO Pull) 683 TU 663
Goal Score: 700 12/11

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