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EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!

Im sure some of you remember me asking about CCA CA (non student loan debt to school) Well after learning so very much from all of you.....EOS CCA finally agreed to delete the account!!! The school wouldn't help me for anything, so I contacted CCA and received a response a couple of days later from a VERY helpful person. Checked my FICO for equifax, was!!!!!! 104 was posted in sept.09 but OMG...I cannot beleive it..

Thank you soooo much everyone. I couldn't have done it without you or this forum!


12/12/2009: TU 607 EQ 589
03/24/2010Smiley Sadvia lender) EX 688
04/01/2010: TU 718 EQ 717