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Re: What kind of car do you drive?
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ivyalmighty wrote:
ANYONE w/ OnStar & BlueTooth capability in their cars:
DD was playing in my Rendezvous a few months after I bought it and to this day I have no idea what she did... but whenever we get in, Miss Automated Voice says "Phone Unavailable"... we have no idea how to make her stop, or what was configured (incompletely!) to make her say that. Ergh! It's a common joke in our car now to say "oh guess what? The phone's unavailable!"
Drives me nuts. If anyone knows, puh-lease let us in on the secret!

Is your vehicle from 2006 or earlier? GM made a major major mistake: until 2006 they sold cars whose On Star depended on the older analog cellphone technology, even though they knew the telcos would soon be turning the analog network off. There is a law firm working on a class-action lawsuit over this. For fairly recent GM products an upgrade to digital costs a couple hundred bucks, but for older GM products there is no fix.

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