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Re: What kind of car do you drive?
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Me: 1993 Toyota Camry, 220k miles, 25 mpg suburban
MrMS has 2 vehicles:  1997 Toyota Corolla and a "monster truck"- Yukon XL.  The Yukon stays parked unless he needs it for towing or hauling tools and wood and stuff around- though, it doesn't get horrible gas mileage for its size- about 18-20 mpg unless we're towing the trailer.
I think my poor old Camry will be put out to pasture in the next year or so, and we'll get a Prius (or Aptera if they're available).  Something cool and efficient for a commuter car...
Edited to add: I forgot the other vehicle we own... a 14 foot canoe!  Coolest wedding present ever... though it was quite hilarious when we tried to tie it on top of the Corolla.... Smiley Very Happy

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