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Re: Prostate Cancer - If you, your spouse, or anyone you know has been diagnosed with it.

Wow, what a wonderful decision to post this here! So that's where you've been. I don't know about anyone else :smileywink:, but I'm delighted you're back, and doing well.


I'm adding this to my files.


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Just an addendum: as many of you are aware, I do medical records for the VA, meaning that I read an awful lot of medical notes, and the overwhelming majority are on male patients. Nearly every one of them declines a rectal exam by their provider, and unfortunately, I see too many of them later diagnosed with advanced prostate CA.


Guys, guys, this exam might not be the most fun thing on earth (although I can assure you that it ain't nuthin' compared to what we women have to put up with), but it can save your life. No one likes discomfort, and no one wants to think about getting diagnosed with cancer*, but in most cases, prostate CA is slow-growing and can be controlled if caught early enough. Bite the bullet, and let your doctor check you out.


Do it for the people who love you, if for no other reason!


* The bit about "no one wants to think about getting diagnosed with cancer"? That goes for women, too. Do your breast self-exams, and get your Pap smears (ouch) and mammograms (ouch ouch) done. Don't ever let the fear of the unknown keep you from doing what you know you need to do.

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