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Re: Prostate Cancer - If you, your spouse, or anyone you know has been diagnosed with it.
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haulingthescoreup wrote:


Guys, guys, this exam might not be the most fun thing on earth (although I can assure you that it ain't nuthin' compared to what we women have to put up with), but it can save your life. No one likes discomfort, and no one wants to think about getting diagnosed with cancer*, but in most cases, prostate CA is slow-growing and can be controlled if caught early enough. Bite the bullet, and let your doctor check you out.



Hauling, it was almost too late for me.  Almost.


For men who don't want the rectal exam, at least get the PSA testing done.  It's a blood test, and you're going to have that anyways if you're getting a routine checkup, so have the Doc add that PSA test to his list of things to do with your bloodwork. 


My prostate was pretty normal on the DRE, but my PSA was absolutely through the roof.  The biopsy confirmed cancer.


I wasn't going to do anything about it because I didn't like the idea of likely incontinence and/or impotence.  I think that's what stops most guys from even checking, the fact that once he knows he's got cancer, he has to make a decision that could ruin his quality of life, permanently. 


Fortunately, in most cases, proton therapy has minimal (if any) side effects, and certainly not the ones I mentioned above.  (Emphasis on "in most cases"...there aren't any guarantees for any treatments).


I'm just fine, a little tired still, but everything's working! Smiley Happy  The most difficult part of the proton treatment was discovering it in the first place, and I believe I had some help from the Guy Upstairs in that regard.



Thanks, Hauling, Marine and LilMirth  (and others) for the welcome back.  Smiley Happy