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Re: UP,Re: Prostate Cancer - Consider Proton Therapy Treatments

Hey, hotrod and marty!  Good to see you, and thanks!


Like I said, I'm just a little tired still, and I believe most of that is from being totally stressed for months on end, and now the pressure's off...maybe it's like a post-traumatic thing?  


Aside from that, there really wasn't anything to recover from.  I've been at (or close to) 100% during and after the proton therapy treatments.


I was on a "radiation vacation"...that's what most of my fellow patients called it. 


I played golf at some of the best courses on the West coast, went sightseeing (a lot!), swam frequently at California's beautiful beaches (in the winter, no less...great for someone from New England).  I dined at an ecclectic array of restaurants, gambled in Vegas (had to force myself to do that...yeah, right), and much, much more. 


I also made a lot of new friends, most of whom were engineers, physicians (yes, they were there as patients), lawyers, CEOs of major corporations, analysts, etc...all of whom had that same mindset as I do.  Each of them investigated all of the options they were told about, and then kept going and found the options that they were not  told about, including the proton therapy we were all there to receive. 


These men made their choice after examining all of the data available to them. 


That made me feel a whole lot better about my decision for receiving proton therapy, 'cause each one of these men was much more educated than I am, and undoubtedly smarter, too.  (Well, maybe or maybe not...but definitely more educated!)


But I'm still better looking...and there!  Smiley Very Happy