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Re: Prostate Cancer - Consider Proton Therapy Treatments
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You know, prostate cancer isn't something guys talk about among themselves.  It's not a comfortable subject.


I told very few people about my prostate cancer.  A very close friend that I did tell happened to hear about one of his friend's relatives with that same diagnosis.  He asked if he could give my number to that man so we could talk.  I said OK.  This was several months ago.


The man called, and we spent several hours on the phone.  I told him everything I'd found about treatment options.  He'd done his homework, too, but had not heard about proton therapy at all.  When I'd explained what I had learned and experienced, he seemed hopeful, but still somewhat skeptical (and I don't blame him for that).


I'm posting this now because I received a call from him just yesterday afternoon.  He's been accepted for proton therapy treatment, and is going to be receiving the proton therapy at one of the eight facilities in the U.S. that offers it.  This man is from Germany.


He thanked me so much I had to tell him to just stop, it was embarrassing.  But I also asked him to pass on what he'd learned from me, and what he'd learn for himself as he moves forward on this, to other guys in the same situation. 


I have never felt so good in my life as I did when he told me "Thank You!  You really helped me.  You saved my life."


This is a guy I don't know, and I'll probably never meet, but I really feel I made a difference in his life.  I only hope that you can feel that same joy in helping someone else as I felt yesterday. 


And that help you give can be anything you choose.  


You can make a difference in someone's life, today.  Most of the time, we just don't realize that we already do that, for good or bad.


(Good is better, though!)   Smiley Happy





Sentimental blabbering is now over.  Carry on...