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Re: Prostate Cancer - Consider Proton Therapy Treatments
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Proton therapy is not for prostrate only, it is for all cancers that are contained in one location... ala, tumors.  There are NINE facilities in the US.  Because of the radiation (protons, neutrons, and electrons make up an atom) and the immense concrete needed to house the proton machine, the facilities are expensive to build and operate.  (for more information)


I just found this post today, and ironically, had written an article on proton therapy a few weeks ago due to a minor child having the therapy done.


As an aside, it is very awkward for men to discuss this aspect of their bodies which is sad in and of itself.  In this day and age when breast cancer is mainstream, so should the prostrate be.


Congrats on your recovery!!!!  (and golf swing) Smiley Wink