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Re: Prostate Cancer - If you, your spouse, or anyone you know has been diagnosed with it.
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HI, UBUP.  I just read this post even though I've been around since May.  i guess I was just so obsessed with the stupid score thing that I didn't have the time to look at anything non-score related, and this is very important.  DH's mom died of breast cancer 10 years ago.   Unfortunately, she knew about the lump for 4 years before doing anything about it and then it was toooo late.  She's one of those "put your head in the sand" kinda people, and she definitely drank wayyy too much, and I think she just ran from it.   Very sad. she was 46.  :*(


Anyway, It's wonderful to hear that your bloodwork came back go good this past week.  What a great day for you.  I think you definitely should continue to "bump" this up every month. 


Congrats to you - have a happy and healthy holiday!


EDITED: (I used great three times in the same sentence!!)

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