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Re: Prostate Cancer - If you, your spouse, or anyone you know has been diagnosed with it.

Booner72 wrote:

HI, UBUP.  I just read this post even though I've been around since May.  i guess I was just so obsessed with the stupid score thing that I didn't have the time to look at anything non-score related, and this is very important.  DH's mom died of breast cancer 10 years ago.   Unfortunately, she knew about the lump for 4 years before doing anything about it and then it was toooo late.  She's one of those "put your head in the sand" kinda people, and she definitely drank wayyy too much, and I think she just ran from it.   Very sad. she was 46.  :*(


Anyway, It's wonderful to hear that your bloodwork came back go good this past week.  What a great day for you.  I think you definitely should continue to "bump" this up every month. 


Congrats to you - have a happy and healthy holiday!


EDITED: (I used great three times in the same sentence!!)

Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, Booner72.   I know it was years ago, but it must still hurt. 


I doubt very much that I would've found out anything about proton therapy on the internet 10 years ago.  Even a year ago, before I discovered this treatment, I was going to "put my head in the sand" and ignore the problem if I hadn't found this solution...I didn't want to be cut up...I wasn't about to lose my manhood.  I was going to "die with my boots on", so to speak.


I hope you don't blame her, and may she rest in peace.  (She sounds like she's stubborn...we would've probably gotten along quite well!).


I also know that I'm being a little self-centered here, I've been posting about prostate cancer and how proton therapy can help cure this disease.  But there are many more cancers that can be addressed by protons, especially in young people (kids).


Anyone that has an issue can do a search to find appropriate uses of protons in treatment of disease.


Thank you for your thoughts, and a Happy Holiday to you and your family, for sure!!  Smiley Happy