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Re: Child Support Woes

IOBA wrote:

My suggestions would be 


* file the grievance with CS

* file a complaint with the BBB - CS has an obligation to provide proof that they have the right to collect.

* go to court and change the court order.   No one has provided proof of actively attending school.   And you want a limit on how long this game of going to school can be played/paid.  Suggest a limit of 8 semesters total?

Yes, I will do the grievance.  Not sure what I would BBB about though.  The same as the grievance?  The law in OR says that she can get "child" support until age 21, there is no negotiating how many semesters, etc.  It USED to be when this first started, that the "child" couldn't  turn it off and on - they went or they didn't.  Things changed, though.  Even if it does go into suspension. if she sends in the proof, they restart it.  So we're basically screwed until next December.


Regarding her moving in, that is never going to happen.  EVER.  My husband made that very clear to her when she first started this that he doesn't approve of it, she should have talked to him first, he would have helped her w/ college w/o the state being involved, and if she proceeded to continue it would be a cold day in hell before he would dole out any help to her again.  It is our opinion that she chose money over family, and for only 300 bucks!



Maybe I shoulda put this post in the "relationships and money" section.  This is certainly a topic for that section!

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