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Re: Child Support Woes

drkaje wrote:
As a father, I'd be more worried about not seeing the kid than $300. Years ago, my cousin had a kid and was required to sue her parents for CS in order to qualify for certain benefits. Booner's our girl but "holding us hostage" sounds/reads a bit extreme (from her) there are likely other issues leading up to these bad feelings she hasn't shared.

You're so sweet.  I think my reply to lilmirth might give some insight into all the bad feelings.  yes, it kills DH.  He has to leave the room during sappy father/daugher movies, etc. Gets depressed on Father's day, birthday, xmas when not even a card comes.  it's hard on him.  His heart broke when she was taken away back in the day.  I think he kind of closed up when that happened to help his heart not feel so much pain.  But she's 20 - what can you do?  If she doesn't want a relationship, then she is, after all, an "adult".

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