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Re: Child Support Woes

IOBA wrote:

Booner72 - Congratulations!  It IS good news!


If you can, open up a separate bank account, maybe a savings account, and start putting $300 a month into the account each month.   That way if it is reactivated, then it wont' hurt you so much.  


I am just thinking about this for a moment....if the CSE office suspended the claim, then they weren't satisfied with the claim.  (Cue - the music.)   Hhmmm...might take some work for daughter to get it reactivated.  I mean, they might want to see something BEFORE they reactivate it instead of just taking her word for it.   Maybe?


And there is an end date to this - when she  turns 21.  Yeah!

All she has to do to restart is send them confirmation from the school that she is attending at least half time w/ satisfactory grades.  She has to send us a copy of that too. She has to send us a "release of information" so we can contact the school to check her status.  Problem w/ that is Florida doesn't recognize Oregon's forms, so they don't tell us anything. 



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