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Re: Child Support Woes

Big smile said she has to provide confirmation of attending school at least part time with satisfactory grades.   Well, she cant' get those grades on the first day of school.   She'd need to be at least midterm, right?


You know what school she was attending, right?   Call them up and ask them what they would require to release the information you.  If it's a certain form, then ask for serveral copies to be mailed to you.  Once you have them, keep at least one copy for you and send the other copy to the daughter, should she claim to be in school again.   


WIll CSE send you a copy of what they have reiceved?   You should be able to see it....


Think about opening up a seperate account to put $300 a month into, just in case this comes back.   And if it idoesn't, on her 21st bday, you will have a nice little emergency fund built up.