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Re: Child Support Woes

frogfan12 - Thanks for sharing that.    In Booners case, the adult child wants additional child support.  The condition for additional child support is that the adult child provide proof that she is in college and making passing grades.  Two ways to accomplish that - the adult child provide it or she signs a waiver so the school will release the information to Booner & DH & CSE.


The adult child - the student - has all of the power in what information is released and shared.   In this case, if she wants child support, then she has to provide the information.   Her word alone is not enough to keep the gravy train paying.


In my situation - although I pay the tuition for my kids, I do not see their report cards, nor can I verify their status in school.   One kid chooses to share his grades verbally.    The other does not.   In our case, we set the boundaries - 4 yrs of school/living expenses.  That's it.  IF they screw it up and fail a class - oh well.   Doesn't matter if they tell me or not - there is x amount of money period.