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Re: Child Support Woes
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You can also have something written in the order of support mandating full access of the student's records to BOTH parents as a provision of paying for their college expenses.  I did that for both of my sons, as I've been divorced almost 20 years.  If the child/student doesn't sign the all the necessary forms for release of information under FERPA, we didn't have to contribute to their college education.  That included grades, student accounts and health care records.


I also had a provision written into the support agreement that the child/student had to maintain a certain OVERALL GPA in order to receive financial assistance on the college bill from us.  I chose OVERALL rather than per semester to allow for an occasional "bad" semester.  That way, my kids didn't have to worry about being cut off financially if they had a particularly bad semester.  My oldest son lost his contributions from his dad and I at the end of his sophomore year, due to his grades, but my youngest son will be graduating with honors in May.  :smileyhappy:  


The last thing I did was to have a clause in the agreement that if my sons chose to attend a college out of state, they would be responsible for the difference in tuition between the out of state college and what it would have cost in-state up front before any income percentages were applied to the remaining balance to be split up for our contributions.  Again, my youngest son attended out of state, but earned so many grants and scholarships they more than covered his share of the bill.

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