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Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread



It's the time of year when we (OK, I) start to ponder the thought of appearing in shorts in another month or two, flashing those flabby pale thighs, horrifying the neighbors and frightening the local pets and wildlife. I definitely managed to add a layer of winter insulation over the last 3 months or so.


I came across a thread on an unrelated forum where members were posting their weight-loss goals once a week, in order to be accountable to others and therefore more successful. I thought, hmm, writing it down and taping it up on the fridge where all can see is certainly one way of keeping honest on a weight-loss program. It was at least 45 minutes before it dawned on me, hey, we could have a thread like that here!


So here it is, the other FICO fitness thread. No tell-all, no pictures, no embarrassing before-and-after weights, no humiliating stories of how your zipper broke and your whatever leapt free at the company picnic; just here's how much I plan to lose, updated every Friday morning with the new (let's hope, lower) weights.


Pick a number, any number, for the number of pounds that you'd like to lose. If that number is scary-large, or seems impossible, try breaking it down. If you want to lose 40 pounds, start with announcing that you're going for 10 pounds. 60 pounds? --maybe post 15 pounds, or 20 pounds. What if all you want to lose is 15 pounds, but you have no faith whatsoever that you can stay away from the candy machine at work? --post 5 pounds.


Once you reach that goal, you can decide whether to set another one and start up again, or if you're pretty happy where you are.


This thread (if it takes off) is meant to be supportive, so it will be ruthlessly moderated. Posts about you, a spoon, and a gallon of ice cream will go bye-bye. :smileyvery-happy: If you fall off the wagon and want some support, please post! But in consideration of those who are on low-carb diets, please don't tell us all the gory details about the two Boston cream pies, and for those on low-fat diets, spare us the confessions about you, a skillet, and a pound of applewood bacon. * pauses to wipe away drool * And so forth.


So here it is, a chance for you to publicly commit to losing X pounds, or two shirt sizes, or four BMI numbers, if you prefer. It's not a competition. No one "wins" if they get there first, and no one "loses" if nothing much happens.


Just post how many pounds or whatever over your (initial) goal you are, and why you want to lose. <--That part is important. When you're having a pity party, it's useful to be reminded of why you're doing this.


Weigh yourself on Friday mornings, after using the bathroom, and before breakfast, dressed in your birthday suit. Or if you want to weigh at a different time and under different conditions, that's fine too, but try to make it consistent.


Be patient with yourself. If you're not all that young, and if you don't have the metabolism of an NBA basketball star, you're not going to be losing 5 pounds of fat a week. (Water, yes.) Get some sort of exercise program going. Be kind to yourself --yes, it is technically possible to live on 600 calories a day, but it's incredibly damaging to your body, and you will be non-stop miserable. Yes, drink lots and lots and lots of water, even if you don't believe that it's that important normally. Reduced food intake and increased exercise will create lots of byproducts that your kidneys will have to excrete, and you don't want to damage them. Your urine should be almost clear. (Sorry to be a bit graphic, but that's important.) If you have a medical condition that needs to be followed by a healthcare provider, like diabetes or heart disease, tell your provider what you're doing.


So, enough preaching. Here's how your post will look:


+20  <-- this means that you are twenty pounds over your goal

planning on a cruise in April




+3 dress sizes  <-- this means that you're an 16 and you want to be a 10, or you're a 24 and you want to be an 18

going to be a bridesmaid in your college roommate's wedding




+4 BMI units  <-- maybe your BMI is 29, and you want to be at 25

obesity runs in your family, and you want to nip it in the bud


Tomorrow morning is Friday, so jump on board! Those who come to this post later can certainly sign up at any time in the week, but Friday mornings will be the big Update Day.


If you think it takes a long time to get a CO or lien off your reports, maybe this will be something you can do in the meantime.


Good luck, everyone! I hope I have some company.

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