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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread

I'm game.


Weight needs to be shed. A lot of it. I'll start at 80 pounds. Both sides of the family had always been a little overweight, but I broke the mold and am lots overweight. I was thin and ran several miles each day when I met my bride-to-be 17 years ago and would like to get back to that again. I also want to lose because I have a 20-year reunion sometime this year. Our family is also completing some financial and business goals are plan to go on a cruise once we accomplish them, and would complete that sometime this fall. I don't want to be that guy on the beach with nice shorts and a nice shirt wearing white socks in my sandals.


To accomplish this goal I'll continue what I'm doing now. Already lost between 10-15 pounds since last month just via supplementation and diet changes alone and my britches are ill-fitting. DW and I also took a genetic test to see how our body processes carbs/fats and learned that my metabolism is high, but I pack on the pounds with too many fats. DW has a low metabolism and can eat extra fats without issue, but the carbs get to her. Through her diet change she's lost over 10 pounds in January. So we'll keep on keeping on. I need to exercise more though. Time to dust of the P90X.


2/3/2012:    +80 pounds