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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread

Thanks,  Hauling!  I'm game, too.


I just weighed but I just ate and came home from the gym, so I'll weigh in first thing in the a.m.  Too late to get today's weight.


I will give myself kudos for going to spin class 3 times this week - that's one hour on a bike going hard core.  Would like to go four times a week but I'm so busy and it is hard to get there.  I need to reduce stress and exercise helps me with this.  I am so much happier, depression falls off like a cloak.  Why I stop going, I have no idea.  But I'm back in the game!


Might have to start a gluten free diet to help with psoriosis - but need a blood test first to see if I have the gluten allergy thing before I waste my time going through that hellish of a diet plan. 

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