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Re: Child Support Woes

SynnDiesel wrote:

Update, so far?

I'm intrigued.


And Booner, a lot of men don't fight the system because its set up as to where the "guardian" and child have most of the advantages.

And maybe, in a weird way, your DH might think that sending money to her might be the only connection he still has with her. I've seen it happen before, many, many times.


You said he's not even getting Father's Day cards so right now, the only thing he has is sending that money, even if she's wasting it away.

So far so good.   She never replied to the objection so the case is no longer collecting.  They reduced the withholding of wages from 23% to 15% until the arrears are all paid. Haven't heard a word from her.  Curious to know how long ago she dropped out of college and how long we've been paying her for nothing.  I'm pretty sure she isn't going to restart this whole mess, though you never know.


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