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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread

I'm going to chime in here with my moral support to everyone who has taken on this challenge.  For me, I'm observing 3 years since I began my own weight loss quest.  The old timers on these forums might recall that instead of FICO scores, I was posting my body mass index numbers in my signature.  This is what it used to read:


3-21-06: 32.2
8-7-07: 30.9
2-15-09: 30.3
4-5-09: 27.8
5-14-09: 26.6
7-16-09: 25.3
8-5-09: 24.9


Before then, I had been obese for nearly 10 years.  Nothing could motivate me to lose weight, even though I kept having to buy bigger clothes and store away the older clothes, promising myself that someday I would fit them again.


The turning point for me came when my daughter, then 4 years old, became aware of the concept of death.  Every day for two weeks, with tears in her eyes, she would ask, "Daddy, are you going to die soon?"  I would always reply, "No, sweetie, of course not."


Then I took a look at myself.  I was not yet 40 years old, but had been on two blood pressure medications for about 9 years.  My triglycerides were sky-high, and I was starting to flirt with pre-diabetes.  My resting heart rate was over 90, and I would experience sudden episodes of chest discomfort and shortness of breath.  I had sleep apnea.  I had a fatty liver.


I had been telling my little girl that I wasn't going to die soon.  But I realized at that point that I had been lying to her.  If I didn't change something - and change it immediately - then I was setting myself up for an early demise.



So I changed.  No more eating 3 bowls of Froot Loops along with 2 fried eggs and sausage in the morning.  No more piles of rice or noodles at dinner.  No more huge bowls of ice cream for dessert and a plate of nachos before bedtime.  Salads before every meal, green tea instead of sugared sodas.  I started working out in my workplace's exercise room and riding my bike to work.  After a while, these changes became habit.  Now, about 50 lbs later, I've been able to stay within a healthy range for the past 2.5 years.


Sure, it's not always easy.  Around this time of year, my evil nemesis, the Girl Scout, starts rearing her head.  Despite my attempts to steel myself against her most diabolical weapons - Thin Mints and Samoas - I usually fall off the wagon for a bit.  But having gone through weight loss before, I also know that I can recover from temporary lapses.



I did take down a box of clothes from the attic a few months ago, and was pleased to discover that I fit them once again.  Are argyle and paisley still in fashion?