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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread
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  Have gone another entire week without any dairy or gluten - though I think I got some wheat in some beans I ate at the work cafeteria. (No more cafeteria - even the vegie tray is dangerous!)   My psoriasis broke out 3 hours later. 


Still have some some patches but overrall I'd say 80% better than a month ago.  Also much calmer and mood more stable.  Who woulda thought?  Even DH notices.


My hands are feeling a ton better, not 100% but wayyy better than they were 3 weeks ago when I started this thing. (ETA:  I went to the dermatologist about 5 weeks ago and complained about my joints in my hands hurting bc there is always a risk of psoriatic arthritis when you have psoriosis.  He immediately referred me to a rheumatodologist....Instead of going to him, I went to the Naturopath who I saw 2 years ago who told me I was allergic to wheat, dairy, and gluten.....she thought that's what my skin's problem was.....I told her that's just too bad, I'm not being allergic to that stuff, and kept eating that way until now.....Big motivation to change when pain is involved).


The kids are not very happy with this.  I am enforcing getting the cow's milk out of the house and we switched to Almond and it is just as good - if you get the sweetened kind it's better.  I have been propagandized against the dairy - Did you know that both my kids HAVE to get the milk on their lunch tray?  Even if they say they aren't going to drink it.  This is the big money fed into the USDA by the dairy industry.  I know the solution is to pack their lunches, but boy, this is easy easy.....I'll get there...


The naturopath took us to Fred Meyer to the whole foods section and taught us about stuff I had never heard of and told us how to cook it.  It will be a slow process getting the junk food out of the house, but worth it.   And I think once I get the staples it should get less expensive. 


Even gave up coffee!  On work days I get the Yerba Mate with honey, which is SOOOO good.  Weekends - tea.  I used to drink 24+ ounces of coffee loaded with sug and creamer every single day. 

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