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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread

So, here's my story, back in 2009, I was at my heaviest: 230.

I'm 5'8, so at that point, my technical BMI was OBESE.

After some mild work in 2010 and some REALLY hard work in 2011, I weigh in currently at between 157-159, just depends on what day of the week you ask.


Ever since then, I've maintained a better weight, gone down from wearing XL to S, wearing size 40 pants to size 30, and being overall healthier.


Why "overall"? Well, as I have discovered over the past year, I might have lost weight, but being "skinny" necessarily doesn't mean being healthy.

I've been working on learning not only about credit, but also about nutrition and my health. I've already had a scenario where I ran up dental costs on a credit card... so yes, health can actually affect your credit.


One of the biggest things I came to realize was that as I lost weight, although it seemed like I was spending more on certain products, I was actually spending less overall. I might spend 4 bucks on whole grain bread instead of $1 on white bread, but I'm not spending extra money on cookies, twinkies, etc...


Now, the battle is for my overall heart health. My family has a long line of health, osteoporosis, amongst other related problems. My father was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic a few years ago. Even though I lost weight and feel healthier, MUCH healthier than I did at 230, I know I still have a ways to go. So now, I'm trying to make the right decisions for my heart and overall body.


My biggest struggle is sleep time. I'm never tired enough to go to sleep earlier, so the next day when I wake up, I feel terrible and immediately make my way over to the coffeemaker. The caffeine is a metabolic booster, but the sugar, fat free creamer and the repeated cups of it, aren't helping. I need to exercise more.


I've now implemented more oatmeal, more flaxseed, more salmon, more broccoli, and actually some red wine and some olive oil into my diet.

Mediterrenean? Perhaps. But the last thing I want to deny myself is a healthy life and a healthy heart. So even though I might not be reporting huge weight losses (I'm really not trying to lose weight anymore at this point), I know it'll happen as I stop making the small mistakes that might be adding up slowly.

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