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Re: Child Support Woes
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Guess what we got in the mail?  A certified letter from the little monster that she is starting the child support again.  She attached a photocopy of a STAMPED SIGNATURE from the registrar's office.


Since the law says we are to get grades, class schedule, enrollment status, and DH called today and the school wouldn't give him that info due to FEDERAL LAW, we are writing a letter objecting to this being restarted.

We are including in the letter a request to go to court, that her school records be subpoenaed, and as IOBA said, we are stating that Child Support has an obligation to prove they have a right to collect.


If it restarts, grievance.


But this time, I'm going to snap my wrist with a rubber band everytime I think about this and get all P'd off.


I have NO IDEA why she didn't respond to our objection in December.  Why did she let it stop and then 2 months later try to start it again?  She is such a little you know what that I can't believe it.


I'm going to also call a lawyer through my EAP and try to get an injunction or something to try to push off the restart.  Come December, she can't do anything to us anymore.....and even if it does restart, it's 2800 dollars, but it still is the POINT OF IT!

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