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Re: Child Support Woes

Thanks, guys.  I know this post either makes people furious at my/our callousness or people can relate.


It depends on the state you are in what child support laws they have for child attending school - Some don't past 18/19, some all the way to 23.  Do you know your state's laws?  If your husband can, have him discuss with his son NOW what his plans are so at least you guys know.  Try to work out a way that your husband can support your son without the state butting in.  I wish that would have been our option.


Regarding her regretting it, I don't think so.  She is a little criminal minded brat who can't even correctly put an address on an envelope.  I think that the support stopped because she didn't notify DCS of her new address, because in the packet was her new contact information.  I guess it took 2 months to figure out she wasn't getting any money. 

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