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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread

this looks like a thread I would enjoy :smileyhappy:


+20 - spent my younger wilder days super thin....and thanks to poor eating habits and a husband that requires sweets in the house, I have gained 20lbs and am miserable about it.  My biggest goal is to cut out the soda.  I think I could easily drop 5-7 lbs in a couple months if I did that but I need to find a replacement I'm willing to stick with.


Also, I'm hoping to join the little gym near my house this rear ended in December and I'm not "supposed" to work out, but I can't tolerate how little energy I have lately.  I'll stick with the  eliptical if that's what will make the dr happy :smileywink:  since I'm posting this late in the week, I probably won't post results tomorrow lol



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