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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread

Booner72 wrote:

I'm at+12.  Phooey.  That's only  down .2.  The problem is that I'm newly addicted to Yerba Matte which is a delicious caffeine drink from S. America, said to be better for you than Green Tee.  I drink it constantly.  I think the caffeine is affecting my body - BUT, I'm also dumping so much honey into it that that could also be the culprit.  Does anyone know if caffeine prevents weight loss?


I'm so disgusted by foods now that before I would just eat w/o a second thought.  Went out to eat yesterday for the first time in over 2 months and had this vegie burrito with steak and a corn tortilla (no flour allowed).  It was so good I almost died.  I sat eating so  slowly, just relishing the smell, site, and taste I've never appreciated food like that before.  DH was done in 1/4 of the time it took me to eat that thing.  I know if I go back for another it won't be as good as this one.  It would be like chasing the dragon - it's never as good as that first time.


Caffeine does not prevent weight loss, studies show that it supports it, but the effects are minimal.  It's the same concept as spicy foods, the overall effects are minimal.  Of course, if you pour yourself a cup of "black" coffee and pour half of it out in favor of creamer and add 30 spoons of sugar, it not only negates the effects the caffeine had in the first place, you're definitely drinking more calories than one should drink in a cup of coffee.  A wise man once said to me: "never drink your calories: drink tea and coffee straight, avoid sodas including diet ones (I don't always follow this when I need a quick boost of energy), and for the love of all that is good never drink juice".


And as for chasing the dragon, I know exactly what you mean!!! When you are deprived of something for a long time and you crave it, nothing beats that first bite or even meal.  If you try again, for some reason it doesn't have the same high as the first time you ate it after a long period of going without that particular food or dish.  I use a calorie counting program that also helps me keep track of the nutrients I am putting into my body and I was shocked at the terrible quality of food I was eating before I started logging my food in on a daily basis.  Logging in your food--even if it's in a little diary you keep in your purse--really helps keep you on track.  Kind of like keeping track of your spending so you don't overspend.  

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