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Re: Friday weigh-in: the other FICO fitness thread

Repo-ed wrote:

no/low cards cut 5lbs off in a week for me.  I was usually fluxuating 3-4lbs a day.  Insanity!


Here's what I tried and had subsequent success with


Now I've went from 173 to 168 and I'm staying there.


Eggs (hard-boiled x4) and 3 pieces of non-sugar cured bacon for breakfast


6oz piece of chicken with sauteed mushrooms and mixed veggies for mid-day snack


Jasons Deli Chicken Club salad w/ lite ranch for lunch


Same mid-day snack for dinner


Lots of water throughout the day.

Great job!


There is nothing as effective as a low-carb diet with a decent amount of protein (so that your body doesn't have to get amino acids from your muscle tissue to stay alive.)


It's also great for men in particular, because you don't have to limit portions so drastically. If you can live without flour, sugar, rice, potatoes, and beer, aka simple carbohydrates, you're 95% along the way to making this work for you.


For those who like diet books, this is the South Beach Diet, among many others. The guy who wrote South Beach (Arthur Agatston) is a legit cardiologist, and this isn't some gimmick-of-the-month.

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