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Re: Child Support Woes



Support was stopped 1/2012 as the school wouldn't verify enrollment.  On 3/16 daughter sends us forms that she is enrolled and wants it restarted.  DH called the school to get grades/class schedule/how many credits and guess what?  They won't tell us anything.  We sent in written objection 3/20.


Didn't hear anything until yesterday.

Got new orders that it has restarted effective 3/16/12.  They blatantly ignored the 3/20 objection.  We were told the only thing we could do was object every month if the school continues to fail to tell us what is required by law.  (Been doing that and what good is that doing?)


We called again yesterday to get school info.  Of course they tell us nothing about grades, class schedule etc.  She isn't in school!  I just know it!


So Monday we are objecting again (this time CMRRR -- or should I just send certified??) -  We are also "appealing", though our only shot at this is that the child has not complied.  She complied, the school won't.   I seriously doubt they will even take a look at it.


But I am filing a grievance, and I know that will force their hands to take a look at what has been going on.  Best case scenario is we "win" and get some "retro" pay, and of course it stops acruing.


We were told by a manager at DOJ "I won't let your case fall through the cracks again."  This statement means it DID fall through the cracks, and it means that she lied, and let it fall again.  This is the SECOND objection we sent that they just ignore.  (this will of course be in the grievance).


I am so furious.  9 months of 307 a mont = 2700+ bucks out the window to this 20 year old adult brat.


Also, this time they say DH has to provide medical.  This has been an ongoing battle, as she doesn't want Oregon medical as she is too stupid to use it as "out of network" and thinks it doesn't work.  His work would NEVER insure a 20 year old, though mine will til she's 26.  I even asked her about a year ago if she wanted me to put her on my medical.  She said no.  NOW WHAT?  I'd have kept her on mine but there wasn't a valid order for medical, so my work wouldn't insure her.  Even the papers we got now aren't a legal order that I can tell. 





Any advice on how to proceed with the appeals and the grievance is apprecited.  I will definitely use IOBA's comment that the state is required to justify that they are legally allowed to collect.  (though I put that in the objection 3/20 and they didn't justify, or even respond).  Dad's get screwed by child support in every state across this nation.  Something has to be done.


Doesn't it seem to you that if her state/school laws don't cooperate with our state laws, then this case should be invalidated?  We do NOT want to pay her money until December 22 when she turns 21 and it ends for sure.  (Unless of course the laws change and it goes to 23 or even 26 like some other states)!!  OH, I won't be able to handle that one.


If you are out there divorcing, see if there is anything you can do to get it in your orders that support ENDS at 18 or h.s. graduation.



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