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Re: Child Support Woes
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I would be more than happy to keep her on my ins til she is 26 and I know she will need it.  She doesn't want it.


it will end.   There will be no more drama or money forced out.   Don't forget, we have NO CONTACT with her, haven't for 4+ years.  her mother stole her away in the middle of the night when she was 7 to move her away.  We tried to continue visitation, but the mom made it impossible.  Even bought plane tickets that went unused.  She lives across the country.  I know this makes people upset, but it is what it is.  If she WAS in our lives, a member of the family, this would be a completely different situation.  But the reality is, she pretty much disowned DH out of the brainwashing of her mother.  It hurts my husband terribly, and seriously peeves us both that the only thing she wants is money.


The mother is SUCH a bad mother, that her 16 year old son is sitting in jail, facing charges as an adult, and will likely be in prison for the rest of his life.  I would love to go into details but can't because of the confidentiality.  She didn't teach these kids one thing about right/wrong, ethics, morals, anything.  She was too drunk and high.  Mom was in jail, her father was in jail  (the grandfather that raised these kids once they were moved from their fathers), now her son is going to prison.  They are the worst of the worst kind of people. (Violent- drug/alcohol addict (All the pics on daughter's facebook are of her partying), criminals.   I guess we are lucky the only crime the daughter has committed thus far is extortion, as in my mind, that is what this is.  (No father's day cards, no birthday cards, no phone calls, no visits, NOTHING.  No contact!)  The only reason I know about the brother going to prison is via facebook. 


 Great job raising those kids!! You should be very proud!


ETA:  Thank you so much for the support.  It helps me so much to get this out.

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